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About Us

Established in 1932, Grahams Jewellers is now celebrating over 80 years of fine jewellery in South Australia. Established by the Grahams brothers, the two shared a passion for high-quality diamonds and gemstones, Swiss watches and excellent customer service. This passion continues to be the foundation that Grahams is built upon.

From one store run by two brothers, Grahams Jewellers has now expanded across South Australia with over 70 staff members across their head office and 5 shop fronts. Grahams operates on Kaurna country. We acknowledge the Kaurna people as the traditional custodians of the Adelaide region and pay our respects to Kaurna elders past and present.

The job of sourcing and selecting all of our jewellery is a large task, one that is headed by Grahams Chief Buyer and Head Designer, Tia Parham. Tia travels the world to find the most precious, highest quality diamonds, coloured stones and gold pieces exclusively for Grahams Jewellers. Each stone is hand selected and every final product is put through a rigorous Quality Assurance process.

What makes our pieces simply amazing aren’t just the raw materials sourced but also the craftsmanship; Grahams’ pieces are made by jewellery artisans proud to sculpt each design to their truest magnificence. These artisans work with Tia’s designs to make each piece unique and special.

Tia, Grahams Chief Buyer and Designer

Meet Tia, Grahams Chief Buyer and Designer

Grahams’ range of precious gemstones isn’t just beautiful but it is also vast. We are proud to stock the largest collection of natural coloured stones in the state. From classic Rubies, royal Sapphires, sublime Aquamarines, to bright Citrine and Emeralds sure to make anyone green with envy; Grahams has a special coloured piece for any contemporary woman.

Grahams coloured offerings are not just limited to gemstones, we are also proud to be the destination for coloured diamonds such as our Sunrise Diamonds - Yellow Diamonds set with white diamonds. Our Pink Diamond collection is a new selection of pieces, many of which are set with Argyle Diamonds which tie our designs to our Australian heritage.

Nothing celebrates our connection to Australia more than the colours reflected in our Cognac Diamond Collection. Cognac diamonds are a mirror to the true beauty of the Australian landscape with all the colours of a breathtaking sunset to be found amongst our stones’ facets. 

Grahams is also extremely proud to house Flawless Diamonds - The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds. Cut using 100 times magnification, ten times more than industry standard, these diamonds are affectionately described by our staff as ‘ten table’ diamonds, meaning their shine and brilliance can be seen from ten tables away in a restaurant. Only 400 master craftsmen in the world, have been chosen to shape and sculpt these diamonds which are finely selected from the top 1% of diamonds mined.

What truly sets Flawless Diamonds above any other diamond product is their Cut. This exacting cut is what allows light to bounce and refract creating the illusion of a bigger diamond. Cut, the only diamond characteristic that can be altered with workmanship, is extremely important in producing a stone of maximum beauty.

Each Flawless Engagement ring is engraved with the logo inside the band and each stone houses its own special insignia; visible with an eye loupe, one view of the diamond will show 8 perfectly cut hearts and the other side will show 8 perfectly cut arrows. 8 being a significant number as it is the symbol of infinity making these diamonds the perfect gift for that one true eternal love.

Flawless Diamonds are not the only certified diamonds available in-store, the Grahams Signature Diamond Collection is a pure display of beauty. Again cut to exacting standards, unique in their styling and available in 9ct and 18ct gold, our diamonds are a representation of the Grahams standard of high quality.

However, if diamonds are not your thing, perhaps it is the allure of gold. At Grahams Jewellers, we are exceptional purveyors of an enviable collection of gold chains, earrings, bracelets and bangles. For the men, our Heavy Gold Collection is a masculine and fashionable range of pieces available in chains and bracelets. Our gold pieces span designs in 9ct and 18ct gold.

Grahams' Swiss Watch Collection encapsulates our worldly influences. International designs inspired by the latest catwalk trends, our Swiss Watches are the ultimate fashion symbol and perfect for a luxurious accent to any outfit.

Reflecting the tastes of our customers, we offer Silver fashion jewellery for that quick fashion fix or the perfect gift for brides’ maids or mothers of the bride. For the more classic-minded woman, we have pearls. Whether originating from the South Sea, fresh waters or the oceans of Tahiti, each Grahams pearl is unique and dramatic in their individual lustre.

At Grahams, the most important part of what we have to offer is not just the variety of coloured stones, diamonds and the highest quality but the mementoes of love and celebration. What makes our customers mean the world to us is the honour we feel in partaking in their life journey. Every day at Grahams we celebrate our customers’ stories. An engagement ring represents the start of a life-long bond; a birthday celebrates another year past and an infinity ring the symbol of a new life.

Whether it is, a present to yourself, for a friend, a gift to a life partner or that something special for a beloved family member, Grahams Jewellers is the destination for that spectacular keepsake that makes every day a moment treasured forever. 


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