Lovely things to do for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day at Grahams

Lovely things to do for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and although it isn’t a public holiday it is most definitely a day that represents love. The day takes its name from the Christian saint - Saint of Valentine of Rome, he was famous for performing secret wedding ceremonies for soldiers and for ministering to Christians persecuted under Roman rule. So how can you be part of the Valentine’s Day Fun? Here are some ideas of how you can celebrate love this Valentine’s Day and these aren’t just ideas for those attached, they can also be adapted for those who are single.


Write a letter

Why not take the time out to honour the almost-lost tradition of letter writing. Nothing makes you happier than receiving something in the mail that isn’t a bill why not pass on this happiness to someone else by mailing them a handwritten letter. The other alternative is to purchase a Valentine’s Day card and write something meaningful to anyone who you appreciate. At Grahams Jewellers every jewellery purchase comes with a complimentary gift card which makes it so easy to tell someone “I love you”.


Handwritten Note

Romantic picnic under a green tree

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Go on a picnic

It’s still summer here in Adelaide so take advantage of the weather, head to the beach for a picnic or down near the Torrens or in the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens. Picnics are cheap and it offers you a chance to be outside but don’t forget the sunscreen!


Pay it Forward

Celebrate love by being all things love. Choose one nice thing you can do for someone you love, no matter how little it is, that small gesture will be appreciated. Then ask that person to pay it forward. Maybe you will start a love snow ball effect


Throw a Valentine’s Day Party

This is a great idea for couples and singles alike. Gather everyone you love ask them to bring a love-themed dish or just something that they love to eat and share it all around. Why wouldn’t you want to spend Valentine’s Day with everyone you love?


Treat Yo’ Self

Take the time to look after yourself it’s like that whole ‘put on your oxygen mask first before helping others’ idea. Go for walk; buy yourself something extremely beautiful or that item that has been sitting on your wish list for forever. What about a relaxing massage or a beautiful spa facial. Love thyself and then spread the happy with others that you love.


Treat yo' self Gold text on teal watercolour

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Surprise someone

Purchase something special for someone you know who truly deserves a little gift. This is where diamonds are perfect, diamonds are the hardest natural substance and that’s why they are the symbol of love because they are simply unbreakable. Birthstones are also perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift because they represent someone’s birthday and are often unique colours. For those hapless males out there why not celebrate Valentine’s Day by asking the love of your life to be there forever. Get down on bended knee and pop the question.


Say I Love you

Whether in a gift, a gesture or in words; saying “I love you” will make someone’s Valentine’s Day just that whole lot extra special




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