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How To Buy A Diamond Ring Without Getting Duped

We know that buying diamonds can be scary, but never fear - we are here to make it easy for you! Find out how to buy a diamond ring without getting duped in this handy guide. 

When it comes to buying diamond rings, we know how hard it can be. Especially with diamond engagement rings and of course, it doesn't make it easy when there is a perception that people are getting duped. 

Follow these tips for buying a diamond ring to make a smart purchase.

How To Buy A Diamond Ring Without Getting Duped Overview: 

Know The 4Cs Of Diamonds

Our first tip for not getting duped is to know the 4Cs of diamonds. The quality of diamonds can vary tremendously, therefore it is often determined by the 4C’s: cut, colour, carat and clarity. This is extremely important to keep in mind when buying diamond jewellery. Understanding why your diamond is priced the way it is depends entirely on these 4Cs. 

how to buy a diamond ring without getting duped: the 4Cs

In terms of colour, a diamond’s colour is a key factor in determining its value. Some colours are rarer and more desirable than others. This all affects a piece of jewellery's value. The quality of a diamond’s cut determines how well it unleashes its light. Clarity refers to how pure it is and how many blemishes are featured on the stone. While carat determines a diamond's size by weight. 

Once you understand these 4Cs, you can make an educated assessment of a piece of jewellery. After all, it is the universal language to describe diamond quality. You can find out more about the 4Cs in our diamond guide.

Choose The Right Metal

The type of metal you pick for an engagement ring band affects the overall look of the piece. While metals like white gold are extremely popular, people tend to dismiss the fact that they fade over time. In addition to the metal discolouring, you need to think about how it is going to make the diamond look. For example, setting a diamond in yellow gold prongs would cause the diamond to look more yellowish in appearance.

Whatever you choose, you need to consider how it will create contrast with the diamond. If you love the colour of gold jewellery, consider that white metal prongs or bezels are often integrated into yellow gold bands to create contrast with the diamond. 

how to buy a diamond ring without getting duped: choose different metals


Choose The Right Setting

When it comes to engagement rings, a diamond is held in place by a setting. Different settings mean the diamond looks different, is angled differently and offers different degrees of protection. Some of the most common diamond ring settings include the prong/solitaire, bezel and halo. 

When a diamond is held with four to six prongs and a claw is used to hold a single stone, a ring is often called a solitaire. There are variations to this setting, but six-prong is most common. Take a look below. 

how to buy a diamond ring without getting duped: prong settings


A bezel set ring features a diamond set in the metal. This provides extra protection for the centre stone and creates a flush look. Take a look at the men's ring with a bezel set below. 

how to buy a diamond ring without getting duped: bezel set ring(YELLOW GOLD ROUND BEZEL SET DIAMOND RING)

Halo set diamond rings feature tiny diamonds that encircle the centre stone. It is said that halo set rings can add more sparkle to engagement rings and make the centre stone seem larger than it actually is. Check out a halo set diamond ring below. Sofia Vergara's engagement ring is also a famous one.

how to buy a diamond ring without getting duped: buy a halo set diamond ring(1/2 CARAT DIAMOND HALO RING IN 9CT WHITE GOLD)

Find out more about engagement rings in our Engagement Ring Guide.

Choosing The Right Clarity

The clarity of a diamond is responsible for the stone's sparkle. Our tip is to purchase a diamond that has a high clarity grade because then it will sparkle more. If you spend more on a diamond, you usually get better clarity. Diamonds with a better clarity tend to shine brighter and show an even pattern with good contrast between light and dark areas. Diamonds with lower clarity often have dark areas that are easily distinguishable. 

how to buy a diamond without getting duped: choose the right clarity

Buy From A Reputable Jeweller

One of the most important things to consider when you're looking at how to buy a diamond ring without getting duped is to buy from a reputable jeweller. A respected jeweller will be able to run through all of the above points with you and make you feel secure when making a large purchase like an engagement ring. Here at Grahams Jewellers, we have over 80 years of experience and specialise in all things diamonds. 

If you are interested in purchasing a diamond ring from us, feel free to shop online or visit us at one of our five locations across Adelaide. What makes our pieces simply amazing aren’t just the raw materials sourced but also the craftsmanship; Grahams’ pieces are made by jewellery artisans proud to sculpt each design to their truest magnificence. These artisans work with Tia’s designs to make each piece unique and special.

Stick To A Budget

Another important factor for buying a diamond ring is to stick to a budget. You need to spend as much as you think is appropriate. Forget about that three months of your wage rule and do what you think is right. This myth dates back to the 1950s and doesn’t actually have much merit. A far better tip is to learn the 4cs and other recommendations above before you enter a jeweller store. 

In the end, it’s not how much you spend, but how much love the ring represents. Love is timeless and diamonds are forever. 

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