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Engagement rings by Grahams Jewellers

 It’s one thing to find your perfect partner, but a whole other ball game when trying to find the perfect engagement ring for your future fiancé! The task of choosing that special ring with so much meaning can seem daunting for the average man/bloke/future hubby. There’s a bit of pressure to get it right – and you just know she’ll want to show it to all of her friends and family.

Figuring out how much you would like to spend on an engagement ring should be the first step. Engagement ring shopping can be a bit of an emotional event as it’s a purchase that will last a lifetime. The two months salary tradition is exactly that -  just a tradition. Keeping a clear head and evaluating what you’re able to afford should be your guide along with the quality and value of your chosen ring. Deciding on a budget range will help establish a range of rings you can choose from, eliminating much of the stress that comes with too much choice.

At Grahams Jewellers, we understand that choosing that special engagement ring can sometimes be a daunting experience. The time where the groom could walk down to the jeweller, cash-in-hand, a song in his heart and purchase an engagement ring without first checking in with his partner is no longer as common as it was. Today, many couples are discussing the budget and style of the engagement ring together ahead of time. This is especially true for women who have a unique style and want a ring to suit.

The solitaire diamond ring is still as classic and popular as always however, more and more people are moving beyond classic, into unique and complex designs. Engagement rings with double halos, trilogy sets, pavé bands, emerald and marquise cuts plus precious coloured gems are becoming more popular.

Hof Aerial Cluster Engagement Ring 'Emeralda' Diamond Solitaire Ring In 14ct Gold (Tw=1.2ct) Hof Eterne Milgrain Solitaire 'Blush' Diamond Fancy Solitaire Ring In 18ct Gold (Tw=1ct)

In regards to coloured gemstones and unique designs we love aquamarines, emeralds and pink champagne coloured morganite as the perfect way to tell her you love her. These stones are gorgeously saturated in colour and offer a very stylish look that is often not as expensive as the traditional white diamonds. 

'Satine' Blue Topaz And Diamond Ring In 9ct White Gold Natural Emerald And Diamond Two Rings Set In 18ct White Gold 'Coco' Morganite And Diamond Ring In 9ct White Gold

For those who are going down the road of a surprise engagement ring and are still unsure what style, colour or cut to choose, when all else fails a solitaire diamond ring will always be a beautiful choice that will never go out of style and she is sure to love.

Diamond Engagement Ring In 18ct White Gold (Tw=50pt) Hof Simply Bridal Beaded Engagement Ring Solitaire Certified Diamond Engagement Ring In 18ct Gold (Tw=1ct)

From coloured gemstones to distinctive diamond cuts, when it comes to engagement rings, the choice can seem endless. Even though partners are discussing ring preferences, when it comes to the crunch choosing that perfect piece can still be a little bit tricky. Luckily, Grahams Jewellers has an amazing collection of rings perfect for popping the question. To see our full range of potential engagements rings, head to our engagement ring page for a bit of inspiration or head in-store to seek the advice of our very experienced staff.  

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