Eternally yours – eternity rings for those special occasions

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 Eternity rings


A ring, with its endless circle is considered the symbol of everlasting love. An eternity ring, with its simple, elegant and timeless design of sparkling diamonds across the band is symbolic of love continuing over time. An eternity ring balances the wedding band and is the final piece of a trilogy of symbolic rings to sit on the traditional wedding finger.


­­Why eternity rings?

Eternity rings are traditionally given after a couple has been married for a few years, particularly for milestone anniversaries such as five or ten years. However, it’s quite popular to gift an eternity ring to signify an event such as having a baby, a birthday, or when couples choose to renew their vows.  There is also a growing trend where many brides are choosing eternity and half eternity rings for their wedding ring rather than the traditional plain bands. Brides will now often not wait for an eternity ring to be gifted at a later date and will often wear all three rings from their wedding day.

Despite these trends, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to giving your loved one an eternity ring. It might be to mark a special occasion or simply a beautiful gift just because. 

Chloe' Diamond Wedding Ring In 18ct Gold 'Brillar' Diamond Wedding Ring In 9ct Yellow Gold (Tw=25pt) 'Margot' Diamond Eternity Ring In 18ct Gold (Tw=25pt)

How to wear it

Eternity rings are often worn with both the wedding and engagement rings on the left hand. However, there are no rules when it comes to how to wear an eternity ring and for sheer comfort you might want to wear it on another finger or even on a chain around your neck. Call us old romantics but we love the idea of wearing all three on the left wedding ring finger as it is said this finger has the vena amoris, or ‘vein of love’ running through it, connecting directly to the heart.

What style?

Eternity rings are mostly made up of a continous line of diamond stones across the band. However this should not be a constraint in design. Eternity rings come in a range of different styles to suit and it doesn’t have to always be white diamonds if you have something else in mind. There are also styles which have diamonds on only half of the band, called a ‘half eternity ring’. Eternity rings can also feature non-traditional intricate designs and fancy coloured diamonds, different gemstones or even cubic zirconias. 

Diamond Eternity Ring In 18ct White Gold (Tw=50pt ''Saira' Pink And White Diamond Wedding Ring In 18ct Gold (Tw=1ct) 'Diamond Wedding Ring In 9ct Yellow Gold (Tw=25pt)

When it comes to eternity rings, whether it’s a half or full eternity, white diamonds or coloured gemstones, given as a wedding band or anniversary; Grahams is sure to have the style to suit any and every occasion. To view our full range of eternity rings, head to our eternity ring page