What was your favourite Christmas gift as a child?

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Favourite Christmas Gift

What was your favourite Christmas gift as a child?

Although we know Christmas isn’t all about presents, we do know how fun they can be. Often the best Christmas gifts are the ones that don’t cost much money or ones that remind of us of our childhood or are the best gifts because they mean something to us. We thought it might be fun to take a trip down memory lane and ask you and the wonderful people in our stores “what was your favourite Christmas gift as a child? 

Lin in Head Office absolutely adored her jewellery box that was given to her by her parents at the age of 6. It had a tiny ballerina that would pirouette to a song when you opened the lid and it is still kept as a keepsake now. 

Belinda from Marketing wished for a Cabbage Patch Doll and finally got a newborn called Carina Elvira that came with several outfits and its own birth certificate. 

Newborn called Carina

Chery from Grahams Hollywood remembers being a little ‘fashionista’ at the age of 9. Whilst shopping with her mum, Cheryl fell in love with a beautiful lace 3-piece suit with pants, vest and poncho in white and lemon. On Christmas, Cheryl was surprised with both sets from her parents and she still owns the presents today! 

Michelle from Grahams Tea Tree Plaza got given a Baby Alive that she loved very much. Michelle would feed the toy some gooey stuff and it would poop! What a crazy but fun present! 

Michael our Hearts On Fire Buyer remembers his favourite Christmas gift:

“My favourite gift was my first basketball. Although I was not a tall kid I could jump and was quick so could still be pretty handy on the court. I would watch a lot of American basketball and was super keen on the LA Lakers who were dominating the early 90’s in the NBA. The ball I got from Santa was from the Lakers and was thus yellow and purple and also signed by the great Magic Johnson!! Because I was young I obviously believed that Santa had actually got the great man to sign this for me so I was over the moon when I received it. I still have this ball 25 years later (mathematicians now you have my age) and plan to shoot some hoops with my kids later in life.” 



So what is on your wish list this year? Diamonds are always a good idea when it comes to Christmas presents and just generally or will you be hunting down your favourite childhood gift for yourself or for your kids? Don’t forget if you have left it all to the last minute you can still head in-store and shop our Grahams Christmas Gift Guide or shop right here for a belated gift.