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How To Wear Diamond Rings?

With all their sparkle and fiery brilliance, diamond rings are truly the centrepiece of your entire look. You may not want to be the centre of attention, but your ring is ultimately destined to be, which is why it’s always a good idea to pay extra special attention to how you wear and style your rings

Whether you’re a minimalist who prefers a more understated look, or a glamour puss that likes a look with a lot of sparkles, there are plenty of ways to coordinate your ring so that it complements your style. 

Read on to learn how to wear diamond rings:

How To Wear Diamond Rings Overview:

Show Off Your Independence 

Though it was once thought that wearing a ring that wasn’t a diamond engagement ring was bad luck, more and more women are embracing this trend and using them to celebrate other special moments in their life, such as a graduation, a new job, promotion, a milestone birthday or even the birth of a diamond.

While women will often leave their left-hand ring finger free for when that special person comes along, many will instead opt to wear their diamond ring on their right ring finger as a show of their independence. As they say in the iconic Destiny’s Child song Independent Women, Pt 1, “the rock I’m rockin’, I bought it. Cause I depend on me if I want it.”

how to wear diamond rings: show your independence

Less Is More 

French fashion designer Coco Chanel once said that before you leave the house you should remove just one accessory. By adopting a less is more approach, you are unknowingly following this very sound style of advice. For a more simplistic look, wear your diamond ring on its own.

This paired back look will not only make your ring the star attraction of your ensemble but will also ensure nothing gets in the way of your diamond’s sparkle. A less cluttered look will also minimise the chances of your rings getting in the way and will allow you to coordinate your ring with other diamond jewellery pieces in your collection. 

how to wear diamond rings: less is more

Layered And Stacked 

This ring styling hack is bound to be a popular choice among those who like to go bold with their jewellery. Using the other rings in your collection (not necessarily diamond), stack them on top or either side of your diamond ring in a manner that is similar to how most couples wear their wedding and engagement rings.

This trick will not only create an edgy look that is super unique, but it may also help the diamonds in your ring stand out more, especially if you stick to one colour scheme in your setting when coordinating your rings. Alternatively, you could layer your rings alongside one another for a slightly more understated and contemporary look. Learn more about styling diamonds in our Diamond Style Guide.

how to wear diamond rings: layered

The DIY Pendant 

Though diamond rings are pretty durable, they are susceptible to a bit of wear and tear as they’re worn on your hands, the most frequently used part of your body. Over time, dirt, grime, makeup, fake tan and other substances can accumulate in the jewellery worn on your hands, causing the setting to become tarnished and your diamonds to become cloudy.

Rings can also be a hazard if you’re someone that works with your hands. One way to avoid this is by looping your diamond ring around one of the chains in your collection. This styling hack will not only keep your ring looking clean and tidy, but it will also make for an ultra-unique pendant necklace. You could even make a slightly edgier statement by layering your DIY pendant with other necklaces in your possession. 

how to wear diamond rings: the pendant

On The Little Finger

By sporting your diamond ring on one of your smaller fingers like the pinky finger, you are not only creating an edgy and contemporary fashion statement, but you are also allowing your ring to stand out more.

A ring styling hack that has been tried out by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Gweneth Paltrow and even the future king of England, Prince Charles, if it's good enough for Hollywood royalty and actual royalty, then it’s good enough for you. And best of all,  this trick will also give the illusion of a bigger diamond. 

how to wear diamond rings on the little finger

On The Thumb 

Traditionally a symbol of stubbornness and a hot temper, thumb rings are a styling trick that has swiftly been gaining a lot of momentum on Instagram in recent years. A symbol of wealth and luxury in some cultures, adorning a diamond dress ring on your thumb will not only get heads turning but will also help bring a whole new level of confidence to your look. The perfect way to add a little edge to your everyday style, many men are a big fan of this trend and will often sport diamond gents rings on their thumbs. 

how to wear diamond rings on the thumb

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