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A happy married couple in a loving embrace under the dusk sunlight


We’re very lucky at Grahams Jewellers to meet a lot of loved-up couples every day who are choosing that special engagement ring or wedding band. In such a romantic industry, it’s no wonder many of our staff members are happily paired off and for many years, with one of our staff members recently celebrating her 35th wedding anniversary (for those playing at home, that’s a Jade anniversary) to her husband Bill. So it almost goes without saying that our staff have a bit of insight when it comes to what makes a successful partnership. We polled some of the staff at head office and at our stores to get the lowdown on what makes a good relationship. Advice varied form the super sweet to the somewhat cynical. We’ve boiled down all the advice to a few key points:

- Communication is key! Being able to tell each other anything is the beginning of a strong foundation for a couple’s     relationship.
- Honesty is important however honesty with a tactful delivery is even better!
- Equal division of the household duties - because nobody likes scrubbing the toilet so it shouldn’t be one person’s job all the time!
- Learn to really listen to each other
- Be your partner’s number one cheerleader in life. That doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing with everything they do of course, but being their support system when they need it and letting them know you can be relied upon is a wonderful feeling
- Do nice, thoughtful things for each other to make your loved one feel special and appreciated
 Make an effort to nurture each other’s needs, interests and ambitions.
-  Work together as a team; you can’t always have it your way all the time. Sometimes you’ll have to compromise.

From the less sweet but very practical advice givers, we got this from our staff:

- Learn how to hide an upset stomach when your not-so-good-at-cooking spouse makes dinner. No need to upset the chef! Besides, practice makes perfect.
- Don’t just forgive each other’s faults and bad habits- embrace them. However, as a result of this easy going attitude,
- Have two TV’s in the house. A tried and true remedy to arguments over what to watch and who gets the remote. This way everyone is happy.
- Keep those negative opinions about your significant other’s family members to yourself- nobody likes hearing someone else talk badly about their mother.
- Listening to your wife and using the words ‘yes dear’ on a regular basis will work wonders. Flowers don’t hurt either.
- Keep your expectations low. Though we prefer to rework this advice into something along the lines of “under promise and over deliver”.

And last but not least of the advice… Jewellery is always a good idea and never goes unappreciated – after all the old adage of “happy wife, happy life” exists for a reason.  Some of our staff’s favourite pieces for keeping the peace at home include:

The classic diamond stud earring, a beautiful morganite pendant and a pretty pink and diamond ring.



We’d love to hear from our readers. If you’ve got some fantastic advice on how to have a successful relationship, let us know in the comments.