Winter warming rubies for July

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Rubies - Grahams Jewellers

Winter is well and truly amongst us and what birthstone could be more perfect for warming us up this chilly season than rubies, the birthstone for July. These rare fiery gems are said to be the stone of passion and courage – and nothing says passion like the colour red. This sexy stone has become the namesake for many a rock song’s love interest, from the Rolling Stones’ ‘Ruby Tuesday’, to ‘Ruby Baby’ by The Drifters and more recently ‘Ruby’ by the Kaiser Chiefs. These female muses have been named after the flame filled stone that reflects their passionate taste for the wild side and their tendency to break hearts.

Whether you consider yourself a heartbreaker or not, rubies are definitely not the gem for the faint hearted. The bold red tones and glimmering shine are meant for those with a sense of individual style and desire to stand out from the crowd.

Other than diamonds, rubies are harder than all natural gemstones making them durable enough to wear every day. For centuries, this gem has been considered the ‘king of all gems’, prized by emperors, kings and queens alike; thought to make the wearer healthy, wealthy and wise as well as lucky in love.

Other cultures have imbued this gem with magical powers and as a charm to ward off evil. It was believed that the red ruby colour would grow darker whenever danger was imminent; returning to its normal shade once the threat had passed.  

Here at Grahams Jewellers we prefer to think of the fiery glow of a ruby to be much like a flame that will never be dimmed, making this stone a wonderful symbol of everlasting love and the perfect gift for that special someone.

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