Scandi Styling

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Scandi Styling at Grahams

Scandinavian Styling

If you haven’t heard of it you clearly don’t watch enough home reno shows! In the last couple of years the ‘Scandi’ style has become a real hot trend for not only interior design but is now being reflected in fashion. So what really is Scandi styling and how can you jump onto this increasingly hot trend.

The Scandi style is all about effortlessness, achieved with neutral and monochrome colour palettes. Long and dark Nordic winters have inspired Scandinavians to flood their interiors with light and bright furnishings, while incorporating a mix of modern and classic.

Scandinavian Interior Design

pics courtesy of Pinterest


Skagen watch promotional images

pics courtesy of @skagendenmark

We love the Scandi look in interiors but this style is also great to bring into your everyday look because it is classic and modern. It’s simple; all you have to do is follow these minimalistic rules: no loud prints, no frills and definitely no over-the-top accessories. Ultimately, the main rule of thumb is: less is always more. Your clothes should be basic and your jewellery should be simple


Get The Look

Wood and leather are the classic materials which shape the Scandi aesthetic. Leather banded watches from our Skagen range makes the perfect statement. And if you’re in the mood for layering, a leather bracelet from the Endless Jewelry collection will also have you feeling very Scandi.

Skagen Watches

Skagen Denmark Watches L-R:Gitte Leather Ladies Watch / Hagen Multifunction Leather Watch / Ditte Leather Ladies Watch


Endless Jewelry Bracelets

Endless Jewelry Bracelets L-R:Single Black Leather Bracelets 20cm / Double Black Leather Bracelet 38cm


Geometric Jewellery Design

Scandi styled homes are often decorated with geometric designed artworks. This geometric Michael Kors bracelet makes the perfect piece of arm candy as well as this modern sterling silver ring.

Geometric bracelet by Michael Kors and ring by Georgini

Geometric Jewellery L-R:Michael Kors Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel Torque Bangle / Georgini Liberty Double Sterling Silver Ring


Simplistic Compliments

If you’re feeling a little girly, a classic gold, rose gold or silver bar pendant necklace is yet another simple way to complement a basic top and reflect the minimalistic Scandi feel.

Simple Grahams Necklaces

Necklaces L-R:9ct Yellow Gold Bar Necklace / 9ct Rose Gold Bar 40cm Necklace / Georgini Liberty Curved Bar Sterling Silver Necklace


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