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Diamond Jewellery Brands

Ever since their discovery by modern-day humans hundreds of years ago, diamond jewellery has been a hot ticket item on the hands, arms, necks and ears of men, women and even children all over the globe. Even as styles evolve and our fashion sense changes over time, a bright, sparkling pair of diamond earrings or glistening diamond ring will always be “in”. 

Naturally, this means that there is no shortage of diamond jewellery brands to satisfy all your diamond needs from major international brands like Cartier, Harry Winston and Tiffany & Co. to smaller brands that tend to fly under the radar like the very brands that Grahams carries. 

So, get ready to get frosted as we unpack some of the key diamond jewellery brands that you’ll find when you're browsing through Grahams’ display cabinet, or when you’re sifting through our catalogue.

Diamond Jewellery Brands Overview: 

Diamond Jewellery Brand Names

Grahams diamond jewellery brands

Flawless Cut

Crafted with precision, every single diamond from Flawless Cut Diamonds’ collection is brought to life by the world’s finest craftsman. Using special magnifying equipment, Flawless’ artisans carefully create each diamond to feature the perfect symmetry and precise proportions. Embodying the highest standard of the 4C’s, particularly cut, Flawless diamonds reflect 98% of light out of the top which allows for maximum sparkle. Learn more about the 4C's in our Diamond Guide.

In their Australian-exclusive collection, you’ll find everything from classic diamond pendants and diamond bracelets, to an array of ring styles to suit your personality. Whether you’re a traditionalist with a thing for solitaire diamond engagement rings, a glamazon who loves the glitz that comes along with a cluster-set ring or a minimalist who prefers thin diamond bands, you’re bound to find something to your liking with this brand.  

Here are just a few of our favourite Flawless Cut pieces: 

Featuring a delicate white gold chain and an assortment of brilliant-cut diamonds, this exquisite brilliant-cut circle of life pendant from Flawless is an instant classic. Allow it to be the focal point of your look or layer it with other silver chains and white gold chains in your collection.

Ideal for the girl with a thing for classic pieces, this Flawless Cut diamond engagement ring features a timeless platinum solitaire setting that will never date. When a girl places this diamond on her finger she will instantly feel butterflies, an indication that she has finally found the ONE!

A piece that pays tribute to signature styles of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, hoops are a pair of earrings that will never go out of style. Particularly this pair featuring an elegant 9-carat yellow gold setting and an array of sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds. 

Memoire Jewellery

An American-based brand with a 35-year history of producing elegant and timeless jewellery, Memoire Jewellery's commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every one of their designs from their glamorous diamond necklaces to their sparkling diamond bangles. What originally started as a wedding ring-centric business has swiftly ballooned into a go-to hub for some of the best diamond jewellery essentials for women including engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, tennis bracelets and even hoop earrings

Staying true to their tradition of fine handiwork and attention to detail, each diamond wedding band and engagement ring is calibrated to a uniform size and with intricate detailing which allows each piece to stand the test of time. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or something to treat yourself with, Memoire’s collection has pieces that you are sure to cherish forever. 

Our favourite Memoire Jewellery pieces:

A fresh new take on the classic diamond tennis bracelet, this 1-carat diamond bezel bracelet enhances any look with a bit of sparkle. Featuring a shimmering 18-carat white gold setting, this Memoire piece is glamorous yet understated.

With its sophisticated halo setting and an assortment of brilliant-cut diamonds, this Memorie solitaire ring gives the impression that the diamond is bigger than it is. This makes it the perfect ring for those who are after a little razzle-dazzle in their lives.

Stylish yet understated, this unconventional diamond necklace is the ultimate conversation piece. It’s also perfect for layering with chains and other necklaces in your jewellery collection for a slightly edgier look. 

Luminesce Lab Grown Diamonds

Crafted in the confines of a laboratory, Luminesce Lab Grown diamonds afford you the ability to sparkle without enhancing your carbon footprint. Ethical and sustainable, all Luminesce lab-grown diamonds are produced from a diamond seed in a process known as ‘high pressure, high temperature. This method involves placing the seed into a piece of carbon and then placing it in a specialised machine such as a belt press which mimics the conditions a natural diamond is produced in by exposing the carbon to high temperature and pressure. The heat and pressure then begin to melt away the carbon, creating a diamond shape. 

The result is a bigger, clearer and sparklier diamond for a fraction of the price. Grown to specification in some of the world’s most high-tech laboratories, the effort that goes into producing Luminesce’s lab-grown pieces makes them practically indistinguishable from naturally-mined diamonds. In Luminesce’s collection, you’ll find a range of some of the most exquisite lab grown diamond rings, lab grown diamond earrings and lab grown diamond pendants in a variety of metals and colourways including gold jewellery, silver jewellery, white gold jewellery as well as rose gold jewellery

Our favourite Luminesce Lab-Grown pieces: 

An ethical and eco-conscious way of telling that special person in your life that she has your heart, this glittering silver lab grown diamond necklace from Luminesce is a piece that you could wear and treasure forever. 

Large pear-shaped rings are quickly becoming a classic, and this 1-carat diamond ring in a timeless yellow gold setting is no exception. Receive maximum sparkle with its elegant cluster detailing and elegant your fingers with its finely crafted point. 

Every fine jewellery lover needs a classic pair of diamond studs earrings in their collection, and with this white gold pair featuring a cluster setting from Luminesce’s collection, you will sparkle endlessly. You could even elevate your look by pairing the earrings with a matching diamond necklace.  

Keen to learn more about Graham’s premier diamond jewellery brands, Flawless, Memorie and Luminesce? Head to one of our five in-store locations where one of our well-informed sales associates will carefully guide you through Grahams’ exquisite diamond jewellery brands range. Alternatively, browse online and even explore the various payment options that Grahams has on offer through Afterpay, Zip, humm, Laybuy and Latitude Interest Free. 

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