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Diamond Style Guide

With all their shimmer and sparkle, diamonds are already very eye-catching and therefore don’t require much to make them stand out further. However, this shouldn’t deter you from trying out a few styling hacks to enhance your diamond’s natural beauty. 

Learn how to style your diamond jewellery and enhance its appearance by checking out a few of the tips and tricks listed below. Jump to a section below by clicking the links or read on to find out all you need to know. 


How To Wear Diamonds

Jewellery is the centrepiece of your outfit. It not only brings a little sparkle to your everyday style, but it is also what ultimately completes your look.

Discover several ways you can style the diamonds in your collection below.

Styling Diamond Necklaces

With their delicate chain and eye-catching centrepiece, diamond necklaces and diamond pendants make quite their statement on their own. This is why they pair best with a simplistic blouse in a solid colour. In the warmer months, allow your pendant or necklace to drape elegantly over your decolletage in a stylish v-neck blouse. In the cooler months, endlessly sparkle by rocking your pendant necklace with a classic turtleneck. If you’re someone who enjoys a bit more bling, compliment your pendant with a simple diamond bracelet

Grahams diamond style guide: how to style necklaces

Styling Diamond Earrings

Regardless of the kind of diamond earrings, you are wearing, the way your hair is styled plays a big part in how you show them off. Elegant and timeless, diamond drop earrings are perfect for formal occasions, showcase them in a stylish up-do with a few tendrils of hair draping down to emphasise the drop element. You can even take your evening ensemble a step further by pairing your drop earrings with a simple diamond necklace. Diamond hoop earrings on the other hand will look incredibly chic when worn with effortless waves or a slicked-back ponytail. If you have a second ear piercing, rock a slightly more edgy look by pairing your hooped earrings with some stud earrings.

diamond style guide: how to style earrings

Styling Diamond Rings

Diamond ring bands have the unique ability to be sparkly-yet-understated. Show off your inner-glamazon by layering your diamond ring band with the other silver rings or gold rings in your collection. Wear them stacked on top of each other or have them spread across each finger. This look will add a luxurious touch to your everyday wardrobe. If you’re into a lot of sparkles, style your diamond ring with a classic pair of diamond stud earrings.  

 diamond style guide: how to style diamond rings

Styling Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets are key to adding a little sparkle to any outfit, from jeans and a nice top to a classy evening gown. Make your diamond tennis bracelet stand out further by pairing it with an elegant pair of white gold earrings in a hoop or stud style. Alternatively, add a little oomph to your look by layering your diamond bracelet with several understated white gold bangles. Pairing your bracelet with an all-black clothing ensemble will also give you an ultra-luxe look.

Grahams diamond style guide: styling diamond bracelets

Styling Diamond Chains

Much like diamond pendants, diamond chains are a statement piece and can be worn to elevate just about any outfit. Add a little glam to your everyday style by rocking your diamond chain with a plain crew neck t-shirt or a fine-knit turtleneck jumper. For more formal occasions, style your chain with a fashion-forward v-neck top or dress. You could even layer your diamond chain with one or two sterling silver chains to add a little more sparkle to your look. 

diamond style guide: how to style diamond chains

How To Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

The consensus for a diamond is that the bigger stone, the flashier it will be. Unfortunately, this means that the more flashy a diamond is the heftier its price tag will be. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of tips and tricks out there to make diamonds appear bigger than they are. Read on for how you can give the illusion of a bigger stone without actually going out and buying a larger diamond.

Thinner Bands

When choosing a diamond ring setting, aim for a thinner band. This is a surefire way to emphasise your diamond and make it appear bigger. Regardless of the size of your stone, seeing it against a thinner band will immediately make it look larger than it is. In addition to this, consider settings like Solitaire, which raise the diamond slightly, giving off the illusion that it is bigger.

How to make your diamond look bigger: thinner bands

Shiny Metals

By opting for metals such as platinum and white gold, you can complement the sparkle of your diamond. This will lessen the contrast of the diamond and metal, making it almost feel like the two have merged into one. This will also make it hard to tell where the diamond ends and the metal begins.

how to make your diamond look bigger: use shiny metals

Diamond Surrounds

If you’re eager to make your diamond appear bigger, consider a setting with smaller diamonds that surround the centre stone. Known as the halo setting, this style hack is affordable and will make the larger middle diamond almost feel like an extra sparkly centrepiece.

how to make your diamond look bigger: diamond surroundsMultiple Smaller Diamonds

Instead of opting for a setting with one diamond, opt for multiple by investing in a piece with several smaller diamonds. Playing on the theme of power in numbers, by putting multiple diamonds together you automatically give the illusion of a larger diamond. The best settings for this look are the cluster or the trio-style, which is similar to the setting of Megan Markle’s engagement ring

how to make diamonds look bigger: use smaller diamonds

Keeping Your Diamonds Clean

By cleaning your diamonds regularly, you will automatically make the stone appear more sparkly and lustrous. This in turn will make your diamond appear a lot bigger, as when not adequately cleaned or cared for a diamond may begin to lose its shine and appear almost cloudy. Which won’t make it stand out as much. At Grahams, we stock a range of diamond cleaning products for all your jewellery cleaning needs. Be sure to check out our cleaning bath.

how to make diamonds look bigger: clean them

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How To Wear Multiple Diamond Rings

When it comes to diamonds, there are no rules. So, there’s no such thing as “less is more”. Many people tend to stray away from wearing multiple diamond rings at once out of fear that they will appear “too gaudy”, but the key is just to get the styling down pat. 

Learn some tips on how you can wear multiple diamond rings at once below!

Wear Different Sizes 

Pair your chunkier looking diamond rings with thinner and more daintier-looking ones in your collection. Make a statement by having the rings with a slimmer band stacked above and below the ring with a chunkier band or larger diamond. For a more subtle look, stack the smaller rings on one finger and have the larger ring appear on a finger within the same hand.  

how to wear multiple diamond rings: wear different sizes

Mix Ring Colours 

Don’t be afraid to colour block by mixing multiple metals. Whether your jewellery collection features yellow gold, silver or rose gold rings, these colours pair surprisingly well together and create a somewhat edgy look. Layer your rings by wearing them alongside one another on your fingers. 

how to wear multiple diamond rings mix ring colours

Increasing Width

If you own two or more rings that look similar, place them alongside one another in somewhat of a straight line to create the illusion that you are sporting a double or triple-finger ring. This look will create a truly unique statement piece. 

How To Wear Multiple Diamond Rings: increasing width

Stick To One Stone Theme 

If you decide to wear multiple diamond rings, ensure you stick to diamond rings and don’t add in any other gemstones. The stone is the centrepiece of your ring and by adding too many different types of stones, you run the risk of your look becoming too mismatched. If you do decide to experiment with different stones, opt for ones that are a similar colour so that they almost appear the same. 

How To Wear Multiple Diamond Rings: stick to one theme

Avoid Clutter 

When wearing multiple rings at once, avoid wearing other pieces of jewellery on the same hand. By wearing bracelets and watches on the same hands as your rings, you run the risk of your hands looking too cluttered. People won’t know where to look if you’ve got too much going on with your jewellery. As Coco Chanel once famously said; “remove one accessory from your look before leaving the house.” 

how to wear multiple diamond rings: avoid clutter

Diamonds & The Zodiac

When it comes to diamonds and the zodiac, only certain zodiac signs can wear the diamond at certain times and under certain conditions. Find if your zodiac can wear diamonds below. 

Can Aries wear diamond?

While some believe that diamonds can bring disharmony to Aries, that is not the case. After all, the diamond is the Aries birthstone. It is said that diamond works with Aries men by harvesting the energies of the ruling planet Mars. With women, it is said to have a highly lucky factor for Aries ladies who wear earrings studded with diamonds. 

can aries wear diamond

Can Taurus wear diamond?

When it comes to Taurus babies, wearing diamonds is said to bring health, happiness, social establishment, harmony and general well-being. However, it does depend on the moon sign. If your moon sign is Taurus, it is said that diamond will benefit you much more than any other stone.

can taurus wear diamonds
Can Gemini wear diamond?

If you are a Gemini, then a diamond is also for you. It is said to bring you intelligence, good memory, and confidence. Further, you can wear a diamond with an emerald stone to enjoy extraordinary results. Luckily for you, emerald jewellery also serves as the May birthstone. Pair emerald and diamond jewellery to reap the rewards! 

can gemini wear diamond

Can Cancer wear diamond?

Unfortunately for Cancer natives, wearing a diamond is not recommended by star sign enthusiasts. However, we believe that anyone can wear diamonds. So feel free to don yourself with sparkling diamonds whenever you want. 

can cancer wear diamond

Can Leo wear diamond?

Leo's can certainly wear diamonds. It is believed to be the master healer for the Leo's, which unites one's mind and body. It is known as an uplifting stone and for men, there is an added benefit. Wearing diamonds on fingers is said to provide the ability to overcome conflicts. 

can leo wear diamond

Can Virgo wear diamond?

Virgo's can wear diamonds as well. They are said to give good luck and prosperity to people under the Virgo sign. It is also said that Virgo's wearing diamonds will receive spiritual upliftment. Wearing a diamond may even bring success in money, social standing, wealth, name, and fame. But don't quote us on that one. 

can virgo wear diamond

Can Libra wear diamond?

Much like the other star signs, Libra's can also wear diamonds. They are said to bring good luck and prosperity to Libra babies. Diamond is considered beneficial for success in the field of glamour, film or media.

can libra wear diamond

Can Scorpio wear diamond?

While diamonds are said to bring disharmony to Scorpios by star sign gurus, we believe that anyone can wear diamonds. That's why, here at Grahams, we specialise in providing high-quality jewellery for all. 

can scorpio wear diamond

Can Sagittarius wear diamond?

It is said that Sagittarians must wear the diamond only when Venus is on the ascendant according to the astrological charts. However, much like the other star signs, don't feel obliged to rigorously follow this rule - diamonds are for everyone! 

can Sagittarius wear diamond

Can Capricorn wear diamond?

It is said that Capricon's can only wear diamonds under the conditions that the stones must be set in platinum. Diamonds reportedly have the power to remove any inferiority complex so if you're a Capricorn, feel free to wear them whenever you want. 

Can Capricorn wear diamond

Can Aquarius wear diamond?

Similar to the Capricorn, Aquarius' can only wear diamonds under the conditions that the stones must be set in platinum. Blue sapphires are said to be beneficial for Aquarius' to wear alongside diamonds. Be sure to check out our sapphire jewellery while you're here. 

Can Aquarius wear diamond

Can Pisces wear diamond?

While some believe that diamonds can bring disharmony to Pisces, that is not the case. We recommend pairing diamonds with Aquamarine jewellery because the aquamarine stone is for Pisces babies. 

can pisces wear diamonds

More About Diamonds:

Diamond Style FAQs:
Can you wear pearls and diamonds together?

Pearl jewellery and diamonds go together swimmingly. While pearls can mute the flashiness of diamonds making them appear more subtle, diamonds help take away the “old-fashioned” sentiment that has long been associated with pearls-making them appear edgier.

A good rule to remember when wearing diamonds and pearls together is that one should be the star while the other supports and enhances. For example, a pair of stud earrings or a ring featuring a pearl in the middle should ideally feature small diamonds enclosed around the pearl.

Can I wear opals and diamond together?

Opals are an incredibly mystical gemstone with many superstitions surrounding them. One of the most common old wives tales associated with opals is that only those born in October (for which opals are the birthstone) should wear them, otherwise it is bad luck.

While some who are naturally superstitious will take this to heart, others will likely take this with a grain of salt. When it comes to wearing opals and diamonds together, the opal should typically be the centrepiece as is the case with these white opal and diamond pearl stud earrings.  

Can a single woman wear a diamond ring?

While there is an old wives tale that wearing a diamond ring before getting engaged is bad luck, that hasn’t deterred many single ladies from doing so. It is becoming increasingly more popular.

While some may avoid wearing a diamond on their left-hand ring finger until that special person comes along, others don’t even think twice about it. A lot of women are even purchasing diamond rings to wear on their wedding finger to commemorate other special occasions in their life such as a long-awaited work promotion, graduating from university or purchasing their first home. 

Who can wear diamond earrings?

Anyone can wear diamond earrings including women, children and even men. In recent years, many men have embraced the utter-sophistication of diamond earrings by sporting studs in one or both of their earrings.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest male stars including Harrison Ford, Will Smith and David Beckham have even been spotted wearing a diamond sparkler or two in their ears. For children, it is very common for parents in some cultures including Indian, Italian, Nigerian, Hispanic and Brazilian to have their ears pierced as infants. Many children will even receive diamond earrings as a gift for special occasions including christenings, birthdays and holy communion. 

Which way do you wear a pear-shaped diamond?

While you can wear a pear-shaped diamond which anyway you please when it comes to pear-shaped diamond rings, many wearers typically wear the pointed end facing towards their fingernails. Wearing the ring this way will help to elongate the fingers. With pear-shaped diamond earrings, the wearer will usually have the pointed end facing upwards-resembling the appearance of a fallen teardrop. 

Can you wear a diamond solitaire on your right hand?

You can wear diamond solitaires anyway you want. The styling of your diamond jewellery is completely up to you. If you need some tips, check out our style guide above.