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Diamond Gifts For Men

Gone are the days when it was thought that men couldn’t wear diamond jewellery, as now more than ever guys are embracing these precious stones and making it their own. Whether it be in the form of diamond necklaces or signet rings, more and more men are adding a little sparkle to their look with diamond jewellery. This makes diamonds and diamond watches an ideal way to treat the men in your life to something extra special. Something that they can cherish and wear forever and even pass down to future generations.

Thankfully, Grahams has a bevvy of high-quality jewellery items that will make for wonderful diamond gifts for men, whether it’s your partner, dad, brother or any of the other male figures in your life.

So, read on for Grahams’ guide to diamond gifts for men:

Diamond Gifts For Him Overview:

Diamond Gifts For Your Partner

A sign of love, commitment and faithfulness, there couldn’t be a more ideal gift for the love of your life than diamonds. One of the toughest minerals on earth, diamonds are symbolic of the strength and durability of you and your partner’s relationship.

diamond rings are the best diamond gifts for men

Diamond Rings

Despite what some may have led you to believe, diamond rings are not just for women. Many men are known to rock men's rings in a variety of styles and metals including gold, silver and platinum. Some will even rock diamond rings adorned with a striking black onyx stone. A diamond ring is not only a great way to commemorate special moments in your man’s life such as a milestone birthday, a graduation or a work promotion, it’s also an opportunity to signal the next big step in your relationships like a wedding or even an engagement.

While girlfriend proposals are not as common as boyfriend proposals, they do happen and they’re ideal for the modern woman who likes to take charge. If marriage isn’t your thing or isn’t on your radar, men’s diamond rings also make for great promise rings that signify your future together.

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Diamond Gifts For Your Brother

You may feel like killing each other at times, but your siblings will always have your back. They are your friend, teacher and confidant. They are also one of the hardest people to find gifts for when it comes to birthdays and Christmases. Diamond jewellery is often a safe choice when it comes to picking the perfect one for your sibling because, unlike clothes, shoes and tech gifts, diamonds are something your brother can cherish forever.

diamond gifts for men - diamond chains

Diamond Chains

Diamond chains are an excellent way to commemorate your brother on achieving special milestones in his life. Oozing with style and sophistication, diamond chains will help elevate just about any look, bringing the perfect amount of shimmer to your brother’s street style game. If your brother is one to follow the trends, give him something a little edgy, like a timeless thick gold chain.

If he’s more of a minimalist, find him something a little bit more understated like a sleek fine silver chain. Your brother could use the chain to dress up the simplest of outfits from jeans and a t-shirt to a simple button-up shirt. He could even experiment with layering by pairing the chain with other necklaces in his collection.

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Diamond Gifts For Your Dad

No matter how many other guys come along, your dad will always be one of the most important men in your life. You can always count on dad, he’s your family’s chauffeur, provider, protector and occasionally the voice of reason. He’ll drop anything just to be there for you when you need to support the most. When it comes to dads, gift-giving can be somewhat difficult. Someone as remarkable as your dad deserves a pretty remarkable gift and you can’t get any more so than diamonds.

diamond gifts for men - diamond watches

Diamond Watches

Stylish and sophisticated, diamond watches are a subtle way of bringing a little luxury into your dad’s everyday life. Many iconic watch brands including Seiko, Citizen and Bulova offer men’s watches that are adorned with diamonds. These brands have diamond watches to fit every kind of style and lifestyle.

Whether it be the timeless aesthetic of large chronograph watches, the contemporary feel of silver watches or the eclectic style of a coloured watch with a striking jet-black face and watchband. Stylish, functional and robust, a diamond timepiece is the perfect everyday companion for your dad to help take his style up a notch.

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