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Gold Chains

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Gold Chains

A gold chain is a must-have staple for everyone. Gold chains are very versatile. The classic unisex jewellery piece, both women and men look stunning in chains. Wear one with an everyday outfit to add a touch of glam. Or pair a gold chain with formal wear for the perfect look for a special occasion.

Wear your necklaces and pendants with pride, secure on a gold chain. For a timeless look, match a gold pendant to your chain. Keeping the chain and pendant in the same metal brings nice cohesion to the piece.

Looking for a bit more luxury? Choose a pendant with gemstones! Combining gems with gold will make the entire necklace shine that much more. You can never go wrong with the elegant pairing of a gold chain and a pearl pendant. Or add even more sparkle with a diamond pendant.

Gold chains are also perfect worn on their own. At Grahams, we offer a wide range of silver chains, white gold chains, and of course, diamond chains. Our collection features different gauges and chain styles to help you get the perfect look. Explore slim, delicate chains for a subtle look. Make a bold statement with a large gauge. Or find your ideal chain somewhere in between!

The right chain style can turn a simple necklace into a distinctive piece. Curb chains and Singapore chains are great choices, especially for pendants. With a gender-neutral appeal and a solid, durable design, the Figaro chain is a popular option. These chains balance simplicity with style. The chain consists of an alternating design of different link sizes. This gives the chain an artful flair.

The flatter design of chains makes them perfect for layering. Express your unique style by wearing multiple chains together. Stay traditional by wearing several gold chains together. For a contemporary kick, try mixing your metals. Combine rose gold chains with your yellow gold for a warm, lush look. 

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Are gold chains popular?

Everyone likes different styles of jewellery, but there’s no denying that a gold chain is an irresistible fashion statement. Gold chains are as popular as ever. They add luxury and sophistication to any outfit.

What kind of gold chain is strongest?

9ct and 14ct gold chains are the strongest because they are more solid. Cable, curb, mariner, Figaro, and rope are just some of the strongest chain styles, especially if they are thick.

What's the difference between a filled chain and a 9ct or 14ct chain?

A filled chain is made of a series of links that are hollowed out and filled with a material to form solid interlocking links. A 9ct or 14ct chain is completely solid and has no interior space.