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Gold Sleeper Earrings

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Gold Sleeper Earrings

You know what they say about trends; they always come back! Such is with the tiny trendy gold sleeper earring that is back in style.

This is not surprising, given the effortless ease around them which allows Gold Sleeper Earrings to be worn and paired with most outfits, across any age. Adding a hint of dazzle to your otherwise plain Jane jeans? Gold Sleeper Earrings make the best accessory. Looking for the right kind of balance between a day-look and a night-look? gold earrings save the day! With no age restrictions and an easily transitioned style, it is no wonder they are the hottest piece in casual accessories today.

These classics hoop earrings have lasted the test of time and Vogue, and are still here to pull any outfit together, all while being a good sparkly addition to a look, as well as versatile enough to frame your shape, no matter their patterns. And this, in a way, is what makes them fun to wear, because of the smooth transition from grocery-store-look to gala, really quick!

Their variety also provides for the way one might want to style them, with a delicate 9 ct gold sleeper earrings, of lengths from 8mm (which can be worn and styled a lot more casually) to a bolder 16mm (the prominence of which is perfect to act as statement earrings, or even the formal addition you need to your outfit).

Find your perfect pair with combinations of textures and cuts on these stunning earrings, and choose from an array ranging from even and smooth to engraved and twisted.

For Gold Sleeper Earrings in Adelaide, Marion, Smithfield, West Lakes and Tea Tree Plaza, visit Grahams online or in store.

What is a sleeper earring?

Sleeper earrings are usually smaller in size compared to those of usual hoop earrings. This makes them subtle and less accentuated especially when wearing them with full-length clothing. 

Why is it called a sleeper earring?

Sleepers are so-called because they were intended to be worn at night to keep a pierced ear from closing. They are often the go-to piece of jewellery when a piercing is fresh. 

What is the smallest sleeper earring?

The smallest size sleeper earrings that we offer are 10mm. These are suitable for babies and children to teenagers.