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We understand that the loss of a precious piece of jewellery can be an upsetting and stressful time. At Grahams, our insurance specialists make the process of quoting any missing, stolen or damaged items as quick and easy as possible.

To begin the insurance replacement process, please make a formal claim to your insurance company before visiting your local Grahams store. When you visit Grahams Jewellers you will need to have all information available on hand about your lost, missing or stolen item, to allow us to correctly quote for you.

Once we have formalised the quote for you we will forward it to the Grahams Insurance Office where your quote will be sent to your insurance company for approval.

Grahams Jewellers is a company you can trust to handle your insurance replacements. Our experience, expert knowledge, quality products and honesty means Grahams Jewellers is the company to look after you in this difficult process.

For more information contact the Grahams Insurance Department on:

Phone: (08) 8110 4168

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