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Gold Seiko Watches

Gold Seiko Watches
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Gold Seiko Watches

Shop a huge collection of decadent gold Seiko watches in-store and online today at Grahams. 

When it comes to watches, nothing will help enrichen your look quite like a gold watch. Regardless of the style or the brand, gold watches simply ooze style and sophistication, particularly if they are gold Seiko watches. 

Since their beginnings all the way back in the late 1800s, the Japanese watch brand Seiko have been at the forefront of innovation and craftsmanship. As the brand that is personally responsible for the invention of the quartz movement, it is not hard to see why Seiko watches are the leading choice for shoppers on the hunt for the perfect functional everyday watch. 

In Grahams’ vast collection of Seiko men’s watches and women’s watches, you will be fortunate enough to stumble upon a variety of gold Seiko watches all with their own unique set of capabilities and design motifs. 

There are Seiko Prospex watches that consist of timepieces that are perfect for the adventure seekers of the world who spend a lot of time out on rugged terrains, in the surf or up in the air. For those that value mechanical watches as well as timepieces with a great deal of reliability and high performance, you will not want to go past the cool and casual Seiko 5 watches

If you are someone after a more premium-feeling gold Seiko watch without a premium price tag, you will definitely fall in love with Grahams’ collection of exquisite Seiko Presage watches. Inspired by Japanese aesthetics, this range of Seiko watches offers beauty, quality and long-lasting performance. But if you are after something contemporary that offers that same premium look and feel, you can’t go past the refined elegance of Seiko Premier watches

From timeless stainless steel link Seiko watches and mesh band watches to sporty Seiko leather watches, comfortable nylon Seiko watches and eco-friendly solar Seiko watches you are bound to find the perfect gold Seiko watch in Grahams’ huge collection. 

Browse a huge range of elegant gold Seiko watches in-store and online today at Grahams. Wear now and pay later with our various finance options and receive free shipping on all orders over $69.

For Gold Seiko Watches in Adelaide, Marion, Smithfield, West Lakes and Tea Tree Plaza, visit Grahams online or in store.

Did Seiko ever make a gold watch?

While many of their models today are gold-plated, some do employ the use of 18 karat gold. Particularly, the more premium models in Seiko’s range such as their Seiko Grand watches collection. 

Are Seiko watches worth anything?

While they are a lot more affordable than many other iconic watch brands out there, the Seiko brand has a great deal of heritage and craftsmanship, so often you can get the same value for what you paid for them in the long run. 

Is Seiko a high-end watch?

Seiko watches may not be high-end watches in the traditional sense but they do have a lot of premium functions and features. This has resulted in the creation of many of their premium lines including Seiko Premier where some models can cost upwards of $1,300. 

How can I tell if my Seiko watch is real gold?

Many watches that contain real gold will often have a watermark engraved on the back indicating that real gold is present in the watch. Depending on the gold purity level. If it is 14k it will likely have .585 stamped on it to indicate that in contains 58.5% pure gold, if it is 18k it will have .750 for 75% pure gold.