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Sterling Silver Jewellery Sets
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Sterling Silver Jewellery Sets

When it’s at Grahams, the simplest of pieces receive the glamourous makeover of a fairy-godmother magnitude! Lo and behold, the Sterling Silver Jewellery Sets, which are all about the understated elegance and sophistication of a precious kind. Sterling silver, with its cool tone and beautiful sheen is the kind of metal most people would be proud to wear — be it a queen in her tiara, or a student to her prom. With our collection, your choices are just that wide.

The greatest thing since sliced bread, we combine the sterling silver with cubic zirconia, to give you the yearned for dazzle of a clear, beautiful stone with a beautiful, silver metal. Glistening, with just the right touch of clarity, the magic is replicated across the board of accessory options and stylings, with one constant: impeccable design. Available as a pair of gloriously attractive earrings, or as rings to vie for, which add the exact amount of Royal to your otherwise Boardroom ensemble. Looking for something more to your taste? We got your back. We also offer an expansive collection of necklaces, a lot of which are available in combination sets with our truly gorgeous earrings and rings. Looking for a special present for that special someone? Double earring cuff sets say it all. And the show-stopper of this glittering paradise is the half carat sterling silver and diamond necklace earring set, which is sure to make anyone with a good taste in jewellery swoon!

So set yourself up for the easiest pieces to pull off, and the most elegant of jewellery to top your look of with.